ViceVersa Pro 2.5

This utility offers plenty of ways to back up and synchronize your data, but it isn’t very easy to use. Version 2.0 doesn’t much improve the complicated interface, which is burdened by weakly integrated tools. Worse still, you won’t find wizards or dialog boxes to guide you, so you may find selecting files and folders both frustrating and annoying. In terms of backup capabilities, you have a number of options.

For example, you may store compressed archives and lock them with a password or compare files in multiple locations and replace older copies. ViceVersa Pro also enables you to save several previous versions of documents and includes a pack of useful features and tools such as time synchronization and a scheduler, though it lacks FTP support. ViceVersa can run as a Windows service, without users logged in. Because of its smorgasbord of features and options, ViceVersa Pro could be a fit for advanced users willing to slog their way through its ill-conceived interface.

From TGRMN Software: ViceVersa Pro delivers an easy way to backup, replicate and synchronize files and folders. ViceVersa Pro works with laptops, desktops and servers. The program can be used interactively or can be setup to run automatically. Some of the advanced features include side-by-side comparison of source and target folders, encryption and compression, CRC comparison and verification, unicode support, enhanced reporting, volume shadow copy support (this allows you to copy files even when open or in-use), file archiving, bandwidth throttling, CPU utilization control, e-mail reporting.

For advanced scheduling, the VVEngine add-on is available. VVEngine is a scheduler designed for ViceVersa. You can control VVEngine with your browser from any machine on the network. VVEngine can be installed to run as a Windows service. ViceVersa Pro can be used to synchronize and backup files between a desktop and a laptop, home and office computers, multiple servers and removable devices (USB Keys, Flash Drives, CDRW discs).

What’s new in this version:

Checked compatibility with latest available build of Windows 10.
Added profile option to ‘Preserve last accessed timestamp of files being copied’. When this option is enabled, ViceVersa will preserve the last accessed timestamp of files being copied, if last accessed timestamps are enabled in Windows.
Added profile option to ‘Include offline files’. When this option is enabled, ViceVersa will include files that are offline in the comparison and profile execution…

Download: 30-Day Fully Functional Trial


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