Pin Windows 10 Apps to the Taskbar Using Group Policy

To customize the taskbar, we will need to manually create an XML file. If you want to customize both the taskbar and Start menu, you can add code to an XML file generated by Export-StartLayout.

The code below pins Paint, IE, and Outlook Calendar to the taskbar. By adding PinListPlacement=”Replace” to ,the default pinned apps are replaced by those specified in the file.

Finding the AppUserModelID for UWP Apps

UWP apps are identified in an XML file using the AppUserModelID and win32 desktop apps are identified by the executable path. Unfortunately, the only way to get the AppUserModelID for each UWP app is to export an existing Start menu layout. This is done by using the Export-StartLayout cmdlet.

You will open the resulting XML file and search for the AppUserModelID manually. The .PackageFamilyName parameter returned by the Get-AppXPackage cmdlet is similar to AppUserModelID but it is not the same.

Create a Group Policy Object

Now that we have a working layout file, all that remains is to create a Group Policy Object (GPO). This is needed to apply the configuration to devices in our Active Directory domain.

  • In the Group Policy Object Editor, expand User Configuration and Administrative Templates. Click Start Menu and Taskbar.
  • In the center pane, double-click Start Menu Layout.
  • In the Start Screen Layout dialogue box, click Enabled.
  • In the Start Layout File box, type the path to the .xml configuration file you previously created using Export-StartLayout.
  • Click OK.

After Group Policy is refreshed on devices that fall within the scope of the new GPO, users will need to log out. They will need to log back in again before seeing changes to the taskbar. A Group Policy refresh can be forced using the gpudpate command.


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