Download the latest Dell Driver Packs with PowerShell

Dell maintains a wiki page containing download links to the latest driver packs which can be found here:

You simply find the model (in this example I’ll choose Dell Latitude 3180) and operating system version you want and click the link, which leads you to another page that containing a download URL.

I write some PowerShell code that will scrape these web pages to find the download URL for the current driver pack version and download it using a BITS transfer. You can then import or add the driver pack into ConfigMgr for OSD using PowerShell.

The PowerShell script is quite simple to use and works reliably in my testing lab, although it takes a few seconds to filter the HTML in order to find the appropriate download URL.

You can download a driver pack for a single model, for example:

Download-LatestDellDriverPack -Model "Latitude 3180" -OperatingSystem 'Windows 10' -DownloadDirectory C:\DriverPacks -Verbose

Just provide the model name, operating system version and a location to save the downloaded files to. Support is provided for verbose output.

You can also pass a list of models to the script and it will download each one in turn, for example:

"7414","7275","E7250/7250","E6430 ATG" | LatestDellDriverPack -OperatingSystem 'Windows 7' -DownloadDirectory C:\DriverPacks -Verbose

The script will work for any driver pack with and operating system, Windows 7 or higher.

Download: Download-LatestDellDriverPack.ps1


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