How to use Acrobat Customization Wizard DC

Adobe provides a tool called Acrobat Customization Wizard DC, which allows you to configure a silent installation. In addition, various configuration options can be easily adjusted.


Download Acrobat Reader DC en Acrobat Customization Wizard DC

There are a total of three files required. Download the files listed below and place them in the C:\Sources\AdbRdrDC folder (or a folder of your choice):

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Installer (AcroRdr20151500630033_MUI.exe) -> this can be found in the least recent FTP folder subfolder
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Update (AcroRdr2015Upd1500630096_MUI.msp) -> Use the * .MSP file in the most recent subfolder of the FTP folder
  • Adobe Customization Wizard DC (CustWiz1500920069_en_US_DC.exe)

Note that the name of the above files is version-dependent. In the steps described below, the above-mentioned file names will be used, but replace them with the most current versions, if applicable.

Install the Acrobat Customization Wizard DC Tool

Start the executable CustWiz1500920069_en_US_DC.exe and keep all default options during installation.

Extract Adobe Acrobat Reader DC installation files

The Customization Wizard DC Tool requires the installation files of Acrobat Reader DC to configure the desired configuration. To do this, the following command must be performed:

AcroRdr20151500630033_MUI.exe -sfx_o"C:\Sources\AdbRdrDC\Unzipped" -sfx_ne

Extraction process:

The installation files are unpacked in the subfolder  \Unzipped. This folder is automatically created by the Acrobat Reader DC installer.

Configure the Acrobat Reader DC installation kit

Open the Customization Wizard DC tool and choose File -> Open Package menu options. Then select the AcroRead.msi file in the C: \Sources\AdbRdrDC\Unzipped folder.

After opening the AcroRead.msi file, links in the Customization Wizard DC Tool appear in various categories that allow you to configure the desired configuration. Each changeable category will be briefly explained below with the recommended configuration described.

Personalization Options

Modify configuration items:

[X] EULA Option: Prevents the display of the EULA screen at the first start of Acrobat Reader DC.

Installation Options

Modify configuration items:

  • [O] Make Reader the default PDF viewer: This will force the various PDF file extensions to be connected to Acrobat Reader DC during installation.
  • [ ] Enable Optimization: Prevents a defragmentation routine from running during installation. This shortens the installation time.
  • [O] Silently (no interface): Suppress progress indicators during installation
  • [O] Suppress reboot: suppress possible restart during installation


Desktop\Acrobat Reader DC: It’s Microsoft best practice to not place shortcuts on the user’s desktop during an installation.


[O] Files downloaded from potentially unsafe locations: For example, downloading and opening PDF files that are downloaded from the Internet should be opened in a so-called secure sandbox environment so malicious PDF files can not damage the computer.

Enhanced Security Settings:

  • Standalone = Enable & Lock: Disable some features of Acrobat Reader DC such as Data & Script Injection. The Lock variant ensures that users can not customize this option.
  • Browser = Enable & Lock: See explanation for Standalone = Enable & Lock.

In order to be able to use PDF files from trusted locations without being accompanied by alerts when opening them, URLs and file / folder locations can be specified. For example, in this step-by-step plan, an intranet site is trusted: https://intranet.

Optionally, for an additional layer of security, the following two options can be enabled to prevent users from adding unsafe unsafe locations to the trusted locations list.

[X] Prevent end users from trusting files and folders
[X] Prevent end user from adding trusted hosts

WebMail Profiles

[X] Prevent user from configuring WebMail profile: Disable the use of WebMail profiles if document workflows within an organization do not require this.

Online Services and Features

  • [X] Disable product updates: The update is usually performed by software management tools. Therefore, it is not desirable to use the update function of Acrobat Reader DC itself.
  • Load trusted root certificates from Adobe = Enable & Install silently: Acrobat Reader DC uses a number of Certificate Root Authorities as part of the Adobe Acrobat Trust List program. This setting determines that the associated root certificates are updated on a regular basis without interference with the user.
  • [X] Disable Upsell: Acrobat Reader DC functionality can be enhanced by purchasing additional components. This does not require user-initiated use, hence the recommendation to disable this functionality.
  • [X] Disable all services: Unless a cloud service is actually applied within the organization, it is desirable to disable unnecessary functionality.

Direct Editor

Add to the Property-table the following property (right-click mouse> Add Row):

  • Value = 1

This will prevent the installation of the Adobe Acrobat Update Service as application management will be implemented by software management systems.

Generate MSI Transform file

After the various options are configured, they can be saved to an MSI Transform (* .mst) file. Use the Transform -> Generate Transform menu options within the Customization Wizard DC Tool. Enter a filename (for example, AcroRead.mst) and save it in the \Unzipped folder.

Then close the Customization Wizard DC tool. If the question arises whether the file AcroRead.msi must be saved -> choose Yes. This will provide the setup.ini file with, inter alia, the MST parameter.

Insert Update file in \Unzipped folder

To complete the installation set, manually copy the previously downloaded update file AcroRdr2015Upd1500630060_MUI.msp to the C:\Sources\AdbRdrDC\Unzipped folder. The contents of the Unzipped folder are as follows:

Silent installation

A silent installation can be performed in two ways:

  • Setup.exe -> ​​Performing setup.exe will perform a silent installation. To do this, setup.exe uses the parameters in the setup.ini file, which are customized by the Customization Wizard DC tool. – setup.exe
  • Windows Installer> The following command can run an MSI-based installation: – msiexec / i AcroRead.msi TRANSFORMS = “AcroRead.mst” PATCH = “AcroRdr2015Upd1500630096_MUI.msp” / qn

For an setup.exe installation combined with the update file (* .MSP), the setup.ini file must be modified in the  \Unzipped folder. Add the following line at the bottom of the [Product] section:

PATCH = AcroRdr2015Upd1500630096_MUI.msp (Note: do not use quotes!)

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